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Ramya's exclusive Nature Trail

Enjoy a morning stroll through lush greenery, flower filled meadows and creeper plants giving you a glimpse into the ecosystem of the surrounding mountains. Among other native species, you will also find traditional medicinal plants and trees growing all along the trail while you hike. Ready for a little adventure?

Price: Complimentary


Guests can energise themselves with a workout in Ramya’s gymnasium. Stay energised. Work up a sweat. Cool down. Stretch out. The Fitness Centre has everything you need to meet your health and fitness requirements on the go. It is equipped with a range of cardiovascular and strength training equipment.

Price: Complimentary
Duration: Open 24-hours a day; instructor available on request.

Aarti Pujan Ceremony

Experience a traditional ‘Aarti', the Hindu ritual of offering prayers with a holy fire. Guests can be a part of the Aarti at our Temple adjacent to the property.

Price: Complimentary
Duration: 15 Mins, 6:00 AM and 7:30 PM

Romance at Raj – The Spa

Indulge in some Thai-Balinese Romance at The Raj Spa. The couples massage is the perfect way to unwind and relax. We use Ayurvedic techniques to relieve tension and stimulate marma points around the body.

Price: INR 30000 per couple
Duration: 3hrs

Cook with Master Chef

Embark on a fascinating culinary journey with our masterchefs at Bhoomi restaurant. Discover the secrets of herbs and spices used in Indian cuisine, and learn how to recreate the authentic tastes of Rajasthani Lal Maas, classic chicken curry and buttery dal. Guests can take home recipes from our kitchen and their very own Ramya apron.

Price: INR 5000 including dinner
Duration: 1 hour

Private Yoga Class

Welcome the morning with a gentle yoga session in our lush gardens. Guests will be guided by our yogacharya through breathing and meditation techniques, stretching, yoga postures and Sanskrit mantras that help rejuvenate the body and mind.

Price: INR: 2500 per person
Duration: 1 Hour

Yoga and Meditation

Experience the ancient Indian arts of yoga and meditation with classes led by our yogacharya in our lush green gardens. Guests will learn how to achieve a deep sense of mental and physical relaxation through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and mantras (chanting).

Price: INR 800 per person
Duration: 1 Hour, 7:30AM to 8:30AM

Talented Junior Chef

Little chefs will delight in learning how to bake delicious Indian Dishes in a fun culinary session with our talented chefs. Junior chefs will be shown how to make classic combinations, as well as being encouraged to experiment with exciting mixtures of their own.

Price: INR 1500 per child
Duration: 1 hour

Traditional Rajasthani Miniature Painting Session (On Request)

Traditionally, miniature paintings depicting dramatic landscapes and events from epic tales were used to adorn the walls of Rajasthani palaces, forts and havelis (mansions). At The Ramya Resort and Spa, guests can watch and learn traditional artists paint intricate works in miniature, and purchase an authentic souvenir to take home.

Price: INR 1100 per Painting
Duration: On request


An intricate painting style typically used to decorate one's hands and feet for weddings and festive celebrations, Mehendi “henna painting” is a traditional practice linked to Hindu beliefs. After choosing a design, guests can sit back, relax and marvel at the skilled work of the professional local artist as they create elaborate, temporary patterns on your skin.

Price: From INR 1,000 per hand
Duration: Approximately 30 minutes per hand, depending on the design

Junior Bartending

Discover how to blend flavours, colours and make attractive, exciting soft drinks. Our young guests will have lots of fun learning how to mix mocktails with our trained mixologists.

Price: INR 500 per child
Duration: 1 Hour
Timing: Please enquire at the hotel

Young Gardner

Our lush green gardens are home to a diverse range of playful birds, small animals and interesting plants. We invite young guests interested in nature on a guided walk to discover and learn more about the wildlife that lives at Ramya Resort and Spa.

Duration: 1 hour
Price: 500 per child
Timing: Please enquire in advance at the hotel

Private Dining

We offer private dining in mesmerising settings, with handcrafted menus and impeccable service. Engage all your senses with our finely curated dining experiences.

Price: INR 35000 for a family of 5 members or 18000 per couple.

Poolside Dinner

Indulge in exquisite delicacies at our poolside. Lit by mashaals (flaming torches) and with views of our Thai- Balinese inspired villas on one side and our lush green garden on the other. A Poolside Dinner is truly a wonderful experience.

Note: Live instrumental music can be arranged at a supplementary charge.
Price: INR 20000 per couple

Astrologer (On Request)

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. Using precise mathematical tools that map the alignment of the planets at the time and place of birth, our professional astrologer will demystify the subtleties of guests' personalities, physical and emotional disposition, and chart how the future is laid out.

Duration and Price on request

Activity Room

Our activity centre is equipped with exciting games, table top foosball, table tennis, soft toys, board games and a well-stocked library.

Baby Sitting available, with 24 hours prior notification

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