Move on from Goa! Udaipur is the next hotspot for Workations

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Move on from Goa! Udaipur is the next hotspot for Workations

Ramya Resort & Spa Udaipur

This picturesque city, adorned with lakes, palaces, and art, attracts thousands of tourists every year, from all over the world. If you haven’t been to Udaipur before, you’re probably wondering, what is so special about this place? Well, just think it over once: would people visit and regularly re-visit if it was anything short of magical?

It’s a known fact – our country is rich in history and culture, with every little corner a different vibe, and Udaipur embodies diversity in every little street and shop. If you’re not feeling cliched beaches and overdone mountains, explore the gorgeousness of this Rajasthani homeland that has it all – mesmerizing lakes, larger than life palaces, and cute little cafes and restaurants where you can work out of.

Whatever the timings of your workday are, find yourself a quaint spot and spend hours of your day, working with a view. The people are hospitable, the food delicious, and the beauty of the nature that surrounds you will give you that motivating factor you just don’t get back home.

Imagine a scenario: you’re at a rooftop café that overlooks the lake Pichola, as you sip on a cup of steaming hot coffee, munching on a tasty treat made by the most seasoned chefs the country has seen.

For when you want to take a break

The city is teeming with tourist destinations, hidden getaways, and shopping destinations.

  • You could take a boat cruise during sunset, soak in the surreal environment of the glorious destination.
  • If you have artistic interests or hobbies such as photography, you could visit some of the picturesque gardens such as Saheliyo ki Bari, to take shots of all the flowers in bloom as well as the lush green lawns glistening under the blazing sun.
  • For those who are fascinated by history, visiting the Havelis and temples will be a once in a lifetime experience. The raw beauty of Memar is mesmerizing, almost fantastical, and will take you back in time the architecture, grandeur, and décor exude royalty, and you will find yourself in awe of our country.
  • If you’re in Udaipur, you’ll want to do some major shopping. The local markets are a delight, and their work reflects the city’s cultural character. Journals, handicrafts, paintings and sculptures, turbans, and traditional Rajasthani attires are among the many products available for purchase.

When in Udaipur, you probably want a top-of-the-art place to stay, that ensures reliability in all matters of hospitality, including rooms, food, and ambience. At Ramya, you will feel at home, right in the midst of this cultural hotspot, as you delve deeper into the heartland of Rajasthan. Book your stay now!