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A day in the life at Ramya!

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A little fidgety and anxious, Sara squeezed herself into the corner of her window seat on a flight to a land that seemed too foreign, too far away. This was something she had never done before: travel alone to a new city with the sole purpose of meeting new people and exploring places she’d never seen before. However, this was not her original plan.
After multiple failed vacation plans and far-fetched ideas, Sara knew that if she really wanted to make this happen, she would have to do it herself. So she booked her ticket to Udaipur, packed her bags, and set off on a journey that would change her life forever.

All it took was one step into the lush green lawns, blooming with vibrant flowers, and teeming with vivid butterflies, of Vayu, the pride and centrepiece of Ramya Resort & Spa. All the articles she had read and travel magazines of Rajasthan she had flipped through did not encapsulate the raw beauty she witnessed here, right in the heartland of Aravalli Hills.

Her villa with nothing short of luxurious, showcasing contemporary décor, over Italian marble flooring, overlooking one of the most gorgeous views she had ever seen, making her feel like she was royalty herself. She knew, if her room in itself was such an experience, she would be missing out if she didn’t visit the spa. Visit the spa, she did, which was a treat not only to her sore muscles and joints but also to her senses, being flooded with the subtlest scents and gentle touches that made her feel like she was resting on a fluffy cloud. She made it a point to return and get the same massage the next day.
When she went back to her room to finish off some last-minute work and take a rest, she heard a grumble come from somewhere. Another strange sound later, she realized it was coming from her stomach! It had just hit her that she hadn’t had anything to eat all day.

After browsing for some places online, she settled on the one in the resort: Bhoomi. The hospitable staff recommended a seat out in the open, under the cool breeze that was perfect for this time of day. The multi-cuisine menu made her mouth water, and moments after placing her order, she began a mental timer, craving the richness of the Indian cuisine she had decided to go for. It took only one bite to know the ingredients were farm fresh, made by seasoned chefs, who knew what they were doing. It was a lunch for two, but it took only one Sara to wipe off the curries and slurp down the dals.
Holding on to her stomach, she trudged along, back to her room, and in the blink of an eye, back to her house, the one that now, funnily enough, seemed far away, a long distance from her new home. It’s funny how much experiences can change you.